Hello, My name is Lillian. I’m a designer and illustrator looking to make a difference in education and mental health.

Creative Timeline:


  • A deep-ish dive into zines and self publishing
  • Began the Mindful Minute zine series about daily mindfulness (vol 1) and mindful communication (vol 1.5 )
  • Launched Pencil and Post, an online space for zines and drawings about coming of age feelings and mindful living.


  • Flipping the page on 'How to Adult, Chapter One'
  • Led a ‘How to Create Your Own SnapChat Filter’ workshop for kids in Inneract
  • Illustrated a children’s book about the emotional responsibility behind consent


  • Suddenly a new grad, lost and wandering
  • Sold my soul to PIXEL, organizing workshops, events, and collaborative projects
  • Rediscovered the concept of Mindfulness




  • Trained atop a mountain with a skilled master
  • Drove up a mountain every week and painted alongside 5-year-olds in a grungy petting zoo to hone some traditional skills


  • Completed my first “real” design project at age 10
  • Created an entry for a water conservation contest (California was always strugglin’) and on my fifth try, broke down crying to my mother out of frustration.