Where Fame is Your Downfall


Paparazzi is a mobile web app that facilitates the game Assassins, a game commonly played in large college organizations.

Similar to Assassins, each player is assigned a target. However, the randomization of targets is taken care of by the app and the organizer is allowed to participate without the stress or burden of administration. The violent connotation of the name Assassins is also replaced by the modern and more friendly direction of paparazzi, who kill by shooting targets with camera phones.

I led the visual design for this project, but I worked with a fantastic team for UX design, development, and business strategy - Thank you Haley Dobart, Lizzy Perold, Athif Wulandana, Ian Pierson, and Connor Lay!


Style Development

The style guide

I attempted different styles, with the final direction inspired by 50s magazine covers characteristically styled with black-and-white photos against bright primary colors and bold lines. We eventually decided to go with a color scheme that was more muted, bringing out the bold color in the illustrative icons.

Selected Screens


Create Game

When creating the game, the administrator sets the time frame that the game will last and also specifies safe zones which can later be seen by all players. The times set by the creator will also determine the count down timer that appears next in the invite friends page.


Invite friends

Before other players accept the administrator’s invite through email and connect their Facebook accounts (and their Facebook photos), the invited players will have placeholder portraits of celebrities. The administrator can force start the game at any time.


In-game Mode Player Tab

During In-game mode there is the player tab, which allows players to view their current target as well as upload a photo when he or she commits a capture. After the photo is uploaded, the player is given a new target until all players are captured and there is a remaining winner.


In-game Mode Scandal Tab

The photos of the captured ‘celebrities’ then appear on a Scandals newsfeed with randomized scandals made up by the awesome creators (us). The newest scandals are tagged with red markers.

Thank You to the Paparazzi Crew